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The maintenance of your colour republic Floor starts with the use of doormats.
Doormats will stop 70% of the dirt being brought into the house.
Clean your floor with a soft brush ,mop or adapted vacuum cleaner with soft brushed suction unit.
Apply soft protection under tables and chairs.
Use colour republic maintenance products .
Avoid excessive use of water on wooden floors.
Remove spillage of liquids as soon as possible.
Plantpots should not be placed in direct contact with wooden floors.
Would being a natural product will respond to the surrounding atmosphere.Moisture in timber causes it to expand,a lack of moisture will cause it to contract.It is therefore important to maintain a fairly constant humidity in the area where the flooring is sited . Ideally room temperature should be between 19 and 21° around 50% to 65% relative air humidity. The use of hygrometers in conjunction with dehumidifiers can be used to regulate the atmospheric humidity in your home.Plants can also have a positive effect on the humidity.Especially with floor heating  in the winter humidity levels can go quit low.
Avoid large temperature fluctuations in rooms were wooden floors are applied.
The level of maintenance will depend on the level of traffic.
Daily cleaning the floor with a soft mop or vacuumcleaner will remove a lot of dust and/or sand particles.
Regular maintenance with floor soap every 2-4 rooms with little use every 2 months.
Long term maintenance :
After the first six months ,depending somewhat on the amount of use your floor has had, your floor will be developing  an attractive patina, ,colours will be deepening  and a degree of variation between high traffic areas and low traffic areas may be occurring. In most instances,hard wax oil 007 will be used used to maintain your floor.However use of pigmented maintenance oil may be interspersed with these applications to revive the inherent tones if required.
A degree of wisdom is needed to find the right balance between "oversaturating" your floor and building up a patina. The process used after six and twelve months may not be required again for a further year. Alternatively ,this process can be applied to high traffic areas only(oiling complete planks and stopping at a join).
After the second application of oil, a gap of at least one year probably nearer to two years should be left prior to another application.
All products are supplied with two coats of oil when being installed in a wet area (kitchen or bathroom) extra coats of oil have to be applied to give sufficient protection.
Accidental damage : Should boards be badly damaged in a small area ,a light touch up with colouring compound ,followed by a build up of pigmented finishing oil can be used to revive the colouir. This should only be undertaken by a competent floor finishing contractor. In worst case scenarios it is possible for an experienced installer to remove an individual plank and replace with a new plank.(Where possible extra over boards from the installation should be retained for this purpose.)
Hard wax oil:

A blend of natural oils & waxes offering exceptional durability and resistance on wood flooring ,wooden kitchen worktops and areas subjected to high traffic.
Produces a quick drying natural satin/matt water repellent  tread –fast finish.


Ensure all surfaces are clean dry and free from previous finish.
Quickly sand with fine 180 grade sanding paper or black pad on monobrush removing old coats or dirt.


Ensure all areas to be coated are extremely well ventilated during application.Test on small area prior to initial application. No primer required. The colour republic hard wax oil is ready for immediate use,and does not require thinning.
First coat: Stir contents thoroughly before and during use,and apply in well ventilated room.Apply thinly using a good quality bristle or synthetic brush always apply in the direction of the grain.Remove any surplus material immediately checking all areas for any excess application.Leave to dry 4-6 hours depending on conditions,or prefereably overnight.
Second coat:Apply as first coat ,thinly,allowing good ventilationin warm and dry conditions,allow to dry overnight.Clean tools with white spirit. When the surface area is completely dry,a light buff will enhance the colour and patina.


.Ensure all areas to be coated are exrtremely well ventilated during treatment.

.Always test on small area prior to major application.

.Certain dense or oil substrates may only require a single application when dried out ,buff to desired level of sheen.

.Longer drying periods may occur during application in cold ,damp conditions.

. Always apply sparingly and remove any excess product thoroughly.
.Prefinished oiled boards have to be stored in a well ventilated area to avoid discolouration if boards remain swhrinkrapped in warm conditions.
Re-application: to remove previous application of Colour republic Hard wax oil sand with black pad and re-apply sparingly.
Coverage:A single application will cover approximately 20-24 sq. m. depending on relief and density of the substrate.
Available in 2.5l. cans.
Hwo matt for dark finishes.
Hwo o7 for light finishes.

Floor surface soap.

Non abrasive rinse free formulation,Colour republic floor soap is  suitable forall types of prefinished oiled flooring. Revives & maintains floors.

Application:Remove dust or dirt with damp cloth soaked in hot water try to work as dry as possible.
When floor is clean wipe with floor surface solution over floor to feed floor and add protection .

Add 4 caps of Colourrepublic floor surface cleaner to 1 litre of hot water ,ensuring even application. Remove any excess residue and allow 30 minutes to dry under normal conditions.n Test on small area prior to application.

Available in 2.5lcans.